Abdullah is the poacher who killed Duma's mother.

He is portrayed by Paul Onsongo.

Personality Edit

Abdullah is shown to be sneaky, greedy, arrogant, abusive, and cruel. He is very savage, murderous, bloodthirsty, and sanguinary, so he loves to hunt and poach animals for sport.

Role Edit

Abdullah is first seen planning to capture Duma with Mr. Patel and Nigel. When they went to the Johnsons' house, Patel sneaks into the house to get the cheetah whistle. After he got the whistle, they capture Duma.

Abdullah decides to train her for running fast. While she wasn't going far, he calls her a lazy pussy cat. Ted, Susan and Morogo have to go out and save Duma.

When Ted and Susan try to rescue Duma, they get caught by Abdullah and his henchmen. However, Morogo sets them free from the cage and go after them.

Abdullah is later seen when Duma is racing against the Greyhounds. When Abdullah tries to prevent her from winning, Ted snatches the whistle from the Racetrack cop and blows the whistle and makes Duma go faster and reach the finish line. While Abdullah tries to escape from Duma, she tackles him and Abdullah gets arrested.